Pukka Perfection

PUKKA Perfection showcase the pinnacle of performance and are the oldest and most challenging group.

Demand for an older and more advanced group led us to form PUKKA Perfection in 2012. PUKKA perfection is the most challenging environment for performance. Generally ages 13 to 16 but younger children with particular aptitude, skills and passion may be invited to join.

Perfection receive the highest level of teaching and are an integral part of our performances. We invest a lot of time, energy and responsibility in PUKKA Perfection as they are expected to be more self reliant, resilient and mentors to younger groups. They are involved in script work, direction and production. PUKKA Perfection is the perfect transition route for Children interested in an career in the performing arts – as a performer, teacher or production. But we welcome members who simply want to improve their skills, confidence, make great friends and have fun with at least 2 major Theatrical shows a year!

Our Prices

1 child:  £45 per calendar month (over 12 months)

Sibling rates:

2 Children: £75 per calendar month (over 12 months)

3 Children: £90 per calendar month (over 12 months)




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